Saturday, July 30, 2011

Frugal Adventure at the Grocery Store (7/30)

I went to the store to do the weekly grocery shopping this morning. Overall, it went fairly well since I made sure to have my list and coupons ready ahead of time. This makes all the difference! When I was planning for my meals next week I noticed that I had the majority of the items that I needed at home already so my list was quite short. I love when that happens! So although I normally save 50% or more on my groceries each week, I only saved 36% instead. My goal was to stay under $50. I was happy that my total was $36.67! I saved $20.18 in all w/ only 4 coupons! Most of the savings this week came from my loyalty card. That's where shopping from the sales helps!

 You may wonder what I bought in order to feed the family for the entire week. Some of the various items included; bananas, grapes, bell peppers, instant oatmeal, yogurt, (2) milks, multi-grain bread, granola bars, snack items, lunch meat, fresh chicken, etc... A total of 24 items in all. I was shocked that was all I needed this week.

My  menu next week includes (Mon.)chicken stir fry w/ rice, (Tues.)breakfast for dinner(kids favorite!), (Weds.)toasted sub sandwiches w/ soup/salad, (Thurs.) pasta night, and (Fri.)a night out! We haven't made a final decision on the night out yet but the kids are pulling for pizza or Chinese!


  1. Following your lovely blog..would love a follow back =)

  2. Love how you have your menu planned out, we try to do that in our house, but somehow we never fully stick with it, wish we could! ESPECIALLY love your low bill.....for a family of 5, that is excellent!