Weekly Savings:
This week we saved 55%!

My List of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. How do you organize your coupons?
I organize my coupons in a binder. This method seems to work best for me.  I like flipping the pages and seeing all the coupons at once. I can flip right to the section I want and grab the coupon that I need.

2. What did you buy to get started with your binder?
I bought 1 large binder (I have one that zips closed.), 2 packs of baseball card holder inserts and dividers. I divided my binder into 15 sections. (cold, frozen, dairy/eggs and yogurt, bread/cereals and granola bars, condiments, side dishes, snacks and sweets, drinks, kitchen accessories, health, beauty, household, baby, pets, and misc) I also keep a zippered pencil holder with a calculator, pen and a pair of scissors in the binder.

3. Where do you find your coupons?
I find my coupons in the newspaper, at stores on products, inside food products, on my receipts, printable coupon sites, coupon clipping services and various manufacturer websites. I have a list of my favorite sites to find them under my coupon tab. I do buy additional Sunday papers when there are coupons that I will definitely use. A great way to get extra ads is to ask family and friends.

4. How do I print the coupons?
Most sites require you to download a special printing program. It is necessary to print and only takes a short amount of time.

5.  Do stores accept all coupons?
No, each store has their own coupon policy. It is important to know your store's policy. Most stores accept printable coupons now as long as they have the bar code on them. Check out the links under my store tab to find out each store's policy. I suggest printing the policy out to keep for reference.

6. What if my cashier won't accept my coupon? 
I have been through this situation and you can either choose to speak to a manager or just politely say thank you and let them know that you won't be needing that item now.

7. Do you cut and keep every coupon in the ads?
No, I normally look through them for the products that my family will use. I always keep an eye out for coupons that offer a great deal for items that can be donated to a church, local shelter or food pantry.

8. What do you do with the coupons you don't use?
I like to share with friends and family coupons that I don't use. I also have found a website that gives information on sending your extra coupons to military families. Check out the website for more information. With all my ads and newspapers, I recycle them at my children's school.

9. How do you save so much each week with your coupons?
This is the fun part! First of all my family makes a meal plan for the week using items that we already have in our pantry and  by checking out our grocery store's weekly ad for their best sales.  We find that the best way to get the most money saved is to pair up the sale items and our meal choices for the week. If chicken is on sale, then that will be included in our family meal plan for the week somehow. Then I take a look at what coupons I have that match these sales. When pairing up the coupons with a current sale you are buying items at their best prices. This is a great time to stock up on your family's favorite items.

10. How do you save so much at your grocery store?
Choosing the right store is key to the savings. Deciding if you will only shop one store or shop the sales at every store in your area depends on your family. Our family shops at a store that doubles the coupons up to $0.50. Finding a store in your area that doubles or even triples coupons will help your success with coupons. It is quite motivating once you see those savings add up on your receipt. It is also important to use your store's customer savings card as well. Some store even have the option of loading coupons right onto your card.
11. Do you take all your coupons with you when shopping?
For our main grocery trip, we only take the coupons that we have paired with our list. This makes it easier to stick to our list.

12. When do you find the time to coupon?
I normally find the time in the evenings.  It doesn't take much effort when I am watching a favorite show! I will also find time when I am having to wait somewhere. I'll look over the sale ads or sort through the binder for expired coupons. Just like any will get out of it...what you put into it! Happy couponing!

Please let me know if you have any other questions for me? I would be happy to add to my list.
Thank you!