Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I Wish I Had Known..: Part 1

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Today I am starting a new series of posts about things I wish I had known before couponing or just deal hunting online.

Part 1: Create a New Email Account

If you are new to searching for deals or coupons online you will notice that most of the sites require you to give your email address to receive their coupons. I highly suggest now before signing up with different companies that you get a separate email account just for these deals! Your inbox will thank you!
It is also nice to go to one email account to find all the updates on the latest deals or coupon offers . If you are like me and started couponing before you made a new email account, you can always unsubscribe to these deals on your old email account. Just go to the bottom of the emails  from the company and there will be a link to click on to unsubscribe. It is nice to keep your personal email account separate so that you can actually see when your friends email you! Good luck!

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