Saturday, April 9, 2011

Am I Extremely Couponing?

 Like many I watched the premiere of Extreme Couponing with my husband the other night and was awed by the savings of each family. As my own family enjoys the rewards of couponing we haven't reached that point yet. Although our regular cashiers and managers have become familiar with us and are always curious how much we will save each week. We do strive to always save at least 50% each week on groceries and that is quite easy with a bit of planning. Do I wish I had 90 to 95 % savings each week, of course! That would be great! This weekend we hit 67% of savings and I was excited about that! I wouldn't call our family extreme though. We are just the average coupon family saving each week by planning our meals and finding great deals. We might never have a savings like the ones on tv but I am still happy to continue my couponing and know we are saving a lot more money for our family than all those years we didn't.

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