Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Sport's Equipment

With spring sports season beginning it made me think of all the equipment that our children need to get started. From cleats, baseball pants, balls, socks, shin guards, etc... it begins to add up unless you are privilaged to have a discount somewhere.
If you are looking to save on some equipment, then check out local resale stores in your area. Another idea is to check with your relatives or families in your own neighborhood.  If they have older children, they may have equipment that they would be happy to get rid of or you can share. We have given our old equipment to younger cousins since most of it never even gets much wear before they outgrow it.
Also look for great deals at your local sporting good stores too. Some are offering package deals right now. One year we bought all our soccer equipment at the same store and then they gave us a new soccer ball for free.

Two resale shops in the local area that may have equipment for you are:

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